A healthy Church is known by its continual flow of ministry, both within the Church and flowing out from the Church. The ministries within the Church are those ministries that provide nurture for its members and offer fellowship and avenues of spiritual development and maturity. The other types of ministries are those that flow out from the church to meet needs in the community and help reach a lost world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministries within Testament of Love Church are designed to offer venues for dynamic and life giving fellowship around the Word of God. While these ministries open up avenues to provide care for its members, they also provide avenues for the members to mature spiritually, and develop in their gifts and callings.

Ephesians 4:12-13 tells us that the purpose of church ministries is to equip the saints. We believe this is done by edifying them and building them up in their faith, instructing them in the Word of God and helping them identify and mature in their various gifts and callings.