“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. Matthew 13:25

The inward man, which is the spirit within us, and the soul it possesses, was designed by God for the specific purpose of being fruitful and multiplying. Jesus compared the inward man to soil. One principle that we, as Christians, need to get an understanding of is that our inward man was designed by God to reproduce whatever is planted in us. Any farmer knows that if he plants corn he’s going to have a corn harvest. Soil reproduces whatever is planted in it regardless of whether it’s wheat or corn. The soil doesn’t determine what it will produce. The seed determines the harvest. When a field has been planted with bean seeds it will produce beans.

Is it any wonder that Jesus called the Word of God seed? Peter called it “incorruptible seed” (I Pet. 1:23). This means that the Word of God reproduces just like seed does! It produces after its own kind according to the perfect law of Genesis. The Word of God will reproduce the attributes, life and nature of God in those who hear it and believe it! This is where our relationship with God becomes exciting!

The above scripture (Mt. 13;25) is an excerpt of a parable Jesus was using to illustrate the way the enemy infiltrates our lives with bad seeds that produce weeds. He is telling us to be vigilant about what we are listening to, and who we allow to speak into our lives. This world is filled with many influential voices; many are convincing, but not all of them are true. Have you ever noticed that they are always trying to influence what you think, what you believe and how you act? Jesus said the best way to identify the right voices is by the fruit of their lives (Mt. 7:20).  

Opening ourselves up to the influential voices of this world will dilute our faith and evaporate our love for God and people, especially political voices. Take a moment also and assess the TV ads for prescription drugs that you’ve been listening to. They talk about YOUR arthritis, or YOUR diabetes… and it goes on… diets, stress, pain relief, depression… have you ever listened to all the side-affects associated with those drugs? There should be an alarm that goes off in you when you hear those words! If you notice things about your attitudes and motives that are not in line with the Bible, it’s because we’ve listened to the wrong voices and our inward man started to reproduce those bad seeds into weeds of anger, resentment, rebellion, pride and jealousy and fear.

Remember, it’s the seed that determines the harvest. You may be good soil, but if you’re planning the wrong seeds in your life, you’re going to produce weeds. If you want different fruit in your life, change the seeds you’re allowing in the soil of your inward man. You will produce good fruit if you sow good seeds in your heart!

With Love, Pastor Tom