“You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” I John 4:4

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you had the upper hand and couldn’t lose? Many salesmen make their presentations with a confidence about them that others don’t have. That’s because they have taken time to research the market, they’ve examined the competition and studied their presentations. Now they KNOW going in that they have the best product to fit the need.  That gives them a confidence that others don’t have.

Our Father has given us the same edge in life as a salesman who has the best product! When we take the time to research our enemy, examine his pitch and study his schemes, we too will have a confidence going into all of life’s situations. In fact, we’ll count it all joy because we have been declared winners before we even go into the battle! We have an assurance that the Greater One is inside!

When God stated in His Word that we have the Greater One in us, it became part of an unbreakable Covenant. He was guaranteeing us victory that no matter what we face, or who we face. He is always that GREATER ONE! There is no problem greater than Him! There is no opposition greater than Him! There’s no situation greater than Him! There’s no battle or enemy greater than Him! There’s no shortage greater than Him! There’s no dilemma greater than Him! There’s no lie, no political party, no fake news, no deficit, no nation, no antichrist, no sickness, no loss, no power…. NOTHING – is greater than the Greater One in us, and He has promised us that He will always cause us to triumph through Jesus!

He is Greater than anything we face! That means that any temporary set-back, any apparent defeat, any negative outcome we experience is not the end. No, that’s only a small battle in a big war whose outcome has already been determined by the Greater One! We may get a little tossed about living in a fallen world, but it’s not over until we win because the Greater One is in us, and until the Greater One is glorified by fulfilling His promises in us, it’s not nearly over! We can stand in confidence in the Word of God, confident in the outcome He has declared over us!

We can go into each day knowing that the scales are tipped in our favor because the Greater One is living BIG in us! How Big? Bigger than anything we face! We can exude a victorious confidence before the day begins because the winner has already been determined – and that winner is YOU! He is in us and He is GREATER than Anything we Face!

With Love,

Pastor Tom